June 24-28, 2019


Innovators Playground / Corporate Exhibits

Thursday, June 27th, 3:30-5:30 PM

2019 Innovators

  1. STAR App: Re-Envisioning Instructions in Emerging Learning Spaces
    About:  Instructions for use of new devices are frequently presented in the form of a printed user manual or posted handout. We strive to move beyond this practice through the creation of the Simple Training Augmented Reality (STAR App) mobile application. The STAR App uses interactive augmented reality (AR) to encourage users to explore technology in situ. This app was created to help users understand how to use new technology devices in the Emerging Technologies and Creativity Research Lab at a public land-grant research university in the South center region of the United States. Students can use the STAR App on a tablet to scan the technological device; then, the instruction will pop up and guide them in interacting with this application as they follow step-by-step instructions. The STAR App provides learners with simple training in multimedia platforms by overlaying virtual information onto real-world objects. Users can see 3D images and video instructions on the app screen over 3D objects.
    Sarinporn Chaivisit, Tutaleni Asino, Younglong Kim, Wilmon Brown, Frances Alvarado-Albertorio, Thanh Do, Kathy Essmiller, Oklahoma State University,  USA
  2. Global Solutions to Global Issues: Utilizing Augmented and Virtual Reality in Mobile Apps to Shape Today’s Workforce With Tomorrow’s Ideas
    About: Innové utilizes a 3-D approach to client solutions. Immersive AR/VR environments, interactive simulations, and realistic modeling provide real world context, diminishing the chances of personal interpretation and better simulating exact processes and concepts. Our project team establishes client needs for Danger, Discomfort or Dynamic content to determine the appropriate elements necessary to meet the needs of the learner. By adding exploratory features, learners focus attention on specific aspects of the training or specific areas and features of an object, providing remediation and continuous assessment. By realistically simulating complex objects at scale, Innové training reduces the need for immediate, real world access to those objects in order to conduct immersive training. Additionally, mobile access from virtually any device and from any location makes distribution and access attainable for even the most remote learners. Innove will present current applications developed for learning using AR/VR with focus on integration of learning theories and application.
    Andrea Seal, Innove, LLC,  USA
  3. A Journey Through Instructional Design and Development: Engagement and Partnership Through Story-Based Communication
    About: The purpose of this presentation is to discuss how the instructors/SME and ID engage in the process of conceptualizing an online course, how the partnership between instructors/SME and ID grows, and how a completed course comes alive through a dynamic partnership and a story-based communication approach using an established model of partnership. Ongoing self-study and evaluation of roles in the process as well as building a campus-wide culture of online teaching and learning to improve student learning experience through this course development process is also addressed.
    Madalina Tincu, University of Northern Iowa,  USA
  4. VISIAGORA by CLL Language Centres: an Innovative Distance Learning Experience and Pedagogical Approach in a Virtual Classroom
    AboutL Providing an innovative solution for distance language learning today is very challenging. After 2 years of research and experimentation, CLL Language Centres (associated with the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium) developed and launched an innovative solution, Visiagora. Language lessons take place in a virtual classroom and are all based on the communicative approach. Private lessons last 30 minutes and group lessons 45 minutes, providing learners with short but intensive live online learning with all the features of a physical classroom, but which can be followed from the comfort of learner’s homes or offices. Our platform and online teaching methods help sustain motivation resulting in successful foreign language acquisition.
    Sébastien Pabst, CLL Language Centres,  Belgium
  5. The Use of an E-Portfolio for Blended Service-Learning
    About: Service-Learning is considered a high impact teaching and learning strategy, integrating academic learning and civic engagement to produce benefits for students, the community partner, the instructor and the university (cf. Gillmor & Rabinowicz, 2012). While e-service-learning is still in an early stage of development, it is growing both in practice and coverage. According to Waldner et al. (2012) Blended Service-Learning combines the best of two worlds: service-learning and e-learning. In the current case study, the e-portfolio tool Pebblepad was integrated as a learning tool for two Blended Service-Learning courses. The main aim of the current case-study was to engage learners through technology in cross-disciplinary teamwork, civic inquiry, critical reflection and meaningful service. The teacher guided the group assignment by providing support through scaffolds and formative (individual) feedback integrated in the e-portfolio. To gain insight into the learning experiences of the students, three focus groups were conducted. The outcomes will be presented during the innovative showcase.
    Jo Tondeur, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Melissa De Wilde, Ghent University, Bram Pynoo, Linde Moriau, Vrije Universiteit Brussel,  Belgium
  6. The African Renaissance-Re-Learning and Re-Introducing Our Heritage to the World Through Immersive Technologies
    About: In July 2017, BBC featured a story titled “One of Africa’s best-kept secrets – its history”. Every culture comes from a long line of rich histories that defines who they are today. Africa is not excluded from having a rich history and diversity of cultures. Unfortunately, due to slave trade and colonialism, this rich and complex history has been ignored, fabricated, and falsified in many ways, putting today’s generation of learners at a disadvantage for understanding the background and history of their heritage. The “Western narrative” about Africa has focused on a historical vision of a “greedy and needy” continent, rather than on Africa’s contributions to the history of humanity, subjecting Africa to systemic bias. The goal of this project is to re-tell the story of Africa to increase and advance the access and opportunities of real information from Africans. This innovative project attempts to tell the story of Africa from the perspective of Africans utilizing immersive and interactive approaches to begin a renaissance of the real story of Africa.
    Rachael Afolabi Royes, Paradigm Global Education, Limited,  USA 
  7. “What Does He Look Like?” : The Use of Transmedia in Programed Instruction to Teach Adjective to Students in Thailand
    About: This research examines the effectiveness of Transmedia used in Programmed Instruction to teach English to ESL students. Transmedia can be an e-book which has video links, games, or apps attached in the page so that students can interact with various sources while learning (McAdams, 2016). Seeing its benefits, the authors combined Transmedia and Programmed Instruction. The links of videos and games are added into certain pages in the Programmed Instruction book. “What does he look like” – the title of the Programmed Instruction book – introduces Thai students to basic adjective vocabularies such as the words “big” and “small”. Students not only learn new knowledge about these words through pictures and content in each page, but they also have the opportunity to sing a song and play an interactive game about the words big and small. As a result, students can be active learners and can learn by interacting with games and videos. The interesting part for teachers is that students can learn any time and any place. This can also help teachers to prepare students before the lesson begins.
    Supavida Chaivisit, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University,  Thailand; Sarinporn Chaivisit, Oklahoma State University,  USA
  8. Introducing TREAT (Teachers Redesigning Educational Activities With Technology) – an Open Online Inspiration and Development Resource on Blended Learning for HE Teachers

    About: This presentation demonstrates how lecturers may use the open online resource TREAT (https://treat.au.dk/home-eng) for inspiration and development of learning activities. The website was launched in 2015.
    The idea was to showcase well-functioning examples where technology is not just used for technology’s own sake. There has to be a pedagogical purpose. The overall goal of the website is to link typical teaching challenges (i.e. large classes, establishing a safe learning environment) with different teaching activities, technologies and not least testimonials and cases from fellow lecturers. This is reflected in the site’s multi-entrance structure that allows teachers to find answers regardless of their initial question. For instance, if a lecturer seeks ideas for how to activate students, he will be guided through activities, choice of technology and tutorials. Or he may be guided from the use of a student response system like Mentimeter to activating students.

    Anne-Mette Alsholm, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences, Denmark, Mathias Elmose Andersen, Aarhus BSS,  Denmark

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